Degree Awarded

Degree Awarded from the Centre­


Sr. No.

Name of the
Research Scholar
Name of the Research Supervisor Degree Awarded Year


1 Mr. S. V. Shastri Dr. V. R. Gokhale 1972 The Teaching of English As A Second Language In Bombay
2 Ms. Rajani R. Ashar Dr. V. R. Gokhale 1972 Construction and Standardisation of the Diagnostic Test in Basic Algebric Skill for the Pupils of Gujarati Medium Secondary School of Greater – Bombay
3 Mr. N. G. Bhanushali Dr. V. R. Gokhale 1984 An Investigation into the Basic Hindi Vocabulary of Hindi Speaking Children of Class V in Greater Bombay
4 Mr. Rai Dina Nath Dr. B. V. Bhave 1989 Educational Legislation in India
5 Ms. Joti H. Pawade Dr. B. V. Bhave 1990 A Study of the  Impact of the Five Year Plans  with Reference to the Development of  Education in the Vidarbha Region of the State of Maharashtra
6 Mr. Abdul Aziz Ansari Dr. Usha Rao 1988 Education Philosophy As Found In Islamic Culture
7 Ms. Pazhur C. Mathew Dr. Usha Rao 1993 An Investigation into the Attitudes of Standard X Students of English Medium School Towers Board Examination
8 Mr. T. P. Patil Dr. Usha Rao 1995 An Investigation Into The Present State Of Science Teaching In Standards 8th,  9th  & 10th of Secondary School in Maharashtra
9 Mr. B. D. Deodikar Dr. Usha Rao 1995 A Study of the Contribution of Swami Shradhananda to Education with Special Reference to Gurukul Kangri Hardware
10 Mr. B. D. Sathe Dr. Usha Rao 1997 “Educational Philosophy of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar A Critical Study
11 Mr. Ashok D. Kawthekar Dr. Usha Rao 1999 History and Survey of Pre – Service Training of Secondary Teachers in Maharashtra State
12 Mr. Aban Sam Sakathwala Dr. Usha Rao 1999 A Study into Reading Interest of Secondary Student in Greater Mumbai in Relation to Different School Types
13 Mr. S. M. Mathure Dr. B. V. Bhave 2001 Not Available
14 Ms. Shaina A. Khan Dr. Abdul Aziz Ansari 2004 Life and Educational Contribution of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan
15 Mr. Pravin Kale Dr. Indira Shukla 2017 Development of Stress Management Program for the Adolescents and Study of its Effectiveness
16 Mr. Sandeep Bodke Dr. Indira Shukla 2017 A Study of factors affecting Emotional Quotient of Secondary School Teachers of Mumbai
17 Mr. Amit Mishal Dr. Indira Shukla 2017 A Study of Effectiveness of Life Skill Training of Programme of Self – esteem, Self efficacy and adjustment of Teacher Trainees at B.Ed. level
18 Mrs. Swati Jagtap Dr. Narendra Patil 2018 A Study of the Co-relation between Facilities, Educational Quality and Personality Development of Secondary Students in Ashram Schools of Thane District
19 Mrs. Bharti Zope Dr. Narendra Patil 2018 A study of the implementation with reference to the educational quality under the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ of Primary level
20 Mr. Gyanprakash Arya Dr. Indira Shukla 2018 A Study of Mental Health in relation to Social Maturity and Emotional Maturity of Pre-service Teachers at B.Ed. College affiliated to University of Mumbai.
21 Mr. Sheshkumar Sharma Dr. Indira Shukla 2018 A Computer literacy and Attitude toward ICT teaching among teacher educators a correlational study
22 Ms. Sheela Thorat Dr. Narendra Patil 2019 A Study of Implementation of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation at Upper Primary level in Ratnagiri District
23 Ms. Ravinder Kaur Assi Dr. Indira Shukla 2019 A Study of Career Maturity in relation to Self Concept and Educational Aspirations of Higher Secondary Students.
24 Mr. Vinod Gavit Dr. Indira Shukla 2019 A Study of Leadership Style of Teachers at Secondary Schools of Thane District
25 Mr. Harishchandra Bhoir Dr. Narendra Patil 2019 A Study of the impact of School Environment and Social Environment and Self Concept of the Tribal area students at secondary school in Thane District