List of Research Books

Sr. No. Author Title
1 Research in Education, 10th Edition Best & Kahn
2 Research Methodology C.R.KOTHAR
3 Methodology of Educational Research Lokesh Koul
4 Case Study Research John Mcleod


5 Foundations of Behavioral Research Fred N Kerlinger
6 Educational research John W. Creswell
7 Understanding the research problem Paul Oliver
8 Research Methods Rashmi Agrawal
9 Methodology of Research in Social Sciences Krishnaswami & Ranganatham
10 Advance Educational Statistics A A Ansari
11 Statistics in Psychology and Education S K Mangal
12 Statistics in Psychology and Education Henery E Garrett
13 Understanding Educational Research Deobold Van
14 Research Perspectives in Education William Talyor
15 Research Methods in Social Sciences Sharma, Prasad, Satyanarayana
16 The Methodology of Educational Research Good, Barr & Scates
17 Educational Research Sharif Khan
18 Elements of Statistics for Psychology & Education Leonard Horowitz
19 Conducting Educational Research B W Tuckman
20 Methodology & Techniques of Social Research Wilkinson & Bhandarkar
21 The making of Educational research D G Samant
22 Research Methodology V V Khanzode
23 An Introduction to Qualitative Research Uwe Flick
24 Introduction to Research in Education Ary, Jacobs & Razavieh
25 Educational Research Methods Nisbet & Entwistle
26 Fundamentals of Educational Research Saxena, Mishra & Mohanty
27 Elements of Educational Research Sukhia, Mehrotra & Mehrotra
28 Conducting Education Research Usha Rao
29 Research Methodology & Statistical techniques Santosh Gupta
30 Scientific Methods & Social Research B N Ghosh
31 Educational Research J C Aggarwal
32 Implementation of Educational Research S R Sharma
33 Research in Education John L. Hayman
34 Appraising Educational Research Millmon & Gowin
35 Methods in Social Research Goode & Hatt
36 Methodology of Educational Research R N Sharma
37 Qualitative Research for Education Bogdan & Biklen
28 Research Methodology R. Cauvery
29 Introduction to Educational Research Ismail Thamarasseri
40 Psychological Testing Robert Gregory
41 Research Methodology Rao & Pasumarti
42 Research in History D D Chaturvedi
43 Research an Introduction Robert Ross
44 Methodology & Techniques of Educational Research Y K Sharma
45 Research in Education Chandra & Sharma
46 Methods of Educational Research Max Engelhart
47 Research in Emerging Fields of Education Y P Aggarwal
48 Statistics in Educational Research R P Pathak
49 Statistical Methods S P Gupta
50 First Handbook of Psychological and Social Instruments Udai Pareek & T V Rao
51 Second Handbook of Psychological and Social Instruments D M Pestonjee
52 Action Research in Education Mary McAteer
53 Action Research Usha Rao
54 Research Methods in Education Cohen, Manion & Morrison
55 Designing and Managing a Research Project Polonsky & Waller
56 Research Methods Agrawal & Rao