Teaching Staff


Dr. Prashant S. Kale



Designation: Incharge Principal.

Level : 13A

Scale : 131400-217100

Educational Qualification: M.Sc.(Maths); M.A.(Mar); M.Ed; S.E.T; N.E.T., Ph.D. 

Email: pskale11@gmail.com

Specialisation: Critical Understanding of ICT, Inclusive Education, Maths Method, Statistics in Research                



Dr. Sangeeta D. Patkar


Designation: Associate Professor

Level : 10

Scale : 131400-217100

Educational Qualification: M.A. (Geog); M.A. (Communication); M.Ed; S.E.T; Ph.D.

Email: sangitapatkar@rediffmail.com

Specialisation: Knowledge and Curriculum, Gender School and Society, Geography Method                                            



Dr. Vinod N. Gavit



Designation: Associate Professor

Level : 13A

Scale : 131400-217100

Educational Qualification: M.A. Communication); M.Ed; S.E.T; Ph.D.

Email: vinodgavit2099@gmail.com

Specialisation: Learning and Teaching, Reading and Reflecting on   Texts, History Method        



Dr. Chetan U. Chavan


Designation: Associate Professor

Level : 12

Scale : 131400-217100

Educational Qualification: M.Sc.(Phy); M.Ed; S.E.T; N.E.T; D.S.M; Ph.D.

Email: chetan7464@gmail.com

Specialisation: Childhood and Growing Up, Learning and Teaching, Understanding the Self, Action Research, Maths Method                   



Dr. Sandeep B. Bodke



Designation: Assistant Professor

Level : 11

Scale : 68900-205500

Educational Qualification: M.A.(Eng.); M.Ed; S.E.T., Ph.D.

Email: sandeep_bodke2006@yahoo.co.in

Specialisation: Contemporary India and Education, Language Acroos the Curriculum, English Method        



Dr. (Mrs) Shilpa S. Waghchoure



Designation: Librarian

Level : 13A

Scale : 131400-217100

Educational Qualification: M.Sc.(Zoo); M.L.I.Sc; N.E.T; Ph.D.

Email: sswaghchoure@gmail.com

Specialisation: Library Management, Digital Library, Institutional Repository            




 Non – Teaching Staff


Shri. Mukund Sonawane

Head Clerk







Shri. Kashinath K. Chaure

Senior Clerk





Shri. Harishchandra D. Sawant

Library Attendent






Shri. Hemant R. Yelve