College Profile

Gokhale Education Society’s College of Education & Research for B. Ed. Programme came into existence in the year 1970 at Parel, Mumbai. Golden Jubilee of Gokhale Education Society was celebrated in the year 1958, on which an urge to establish a College of Education was realised. Hence the college of Education and research – Parel, was established on 16th June 1970.


‘Sa vidya ya vimuktaye’ – Knowledge for Salvation.


Commitment to social cause of upliftment and betterment of the society through process of education.


Develop personal, professional and social skills and competencies required by the teacher.


a. To develop competencies in the student teachers to enable them to adjust in dynamically changing educational environment in the globalized world.
b. To prepare student teachers as a agent of social change by focusing on issues of women, children and marginalized elements of the society.
c. To make student teachers aware of the challenges of diversity in our society and to enable them to work towards reducing the discrimination based on gender, caste, language, religion etc.
d. To promote cultural, enlighten in student teachers through activities based on constructivism thereby developing reflective thinking and scientific attitude.
e. To provide quality education for developing the professional skills amongst the student teachers for self-actualization.


To develop the values, skills and qualities of empathy, leadership, creativity and righteousness in STs to be the agents of social change by instilling in them scientific attitude, gender and environmental sensitivity, passion for life-long learning and development of life-skills for effective sustenance in globalised world.

To develop competencies to use community resources as educational inputs. To create awareness of current thrust areas in education. To develop awareness about role of education in building up democratic and secular society.


To achieve the above aims and objectives, college has following facilities:
• Established in 16th June 1970.
• Affiliated to University of Mumbai, and runs the B. Ed. programme.
• Library with good collection of books.
• It has Science and Maths laboratory.
• Facilities for Indoors and outdoors sports.
• Audio – visual teaching aids.
• News bulletin board.
• In service teachers training programmes course of YCMOU is offered in our college.
• College has adopted the following methods of teaching learning:
(i) Guest lecture by Experts.
(ii) Workshops
(iii) Field work.
(iv) Action Research Project.
(v) Group discussions.
(vi) Educational Films.
(vii) Literacy Awareness programme.
(viii) Demonstrations.
(ix) Seminars and paper presentation.
(x) Book Review are conducted for development critical thinking.
(xi) Developing learning resources
(xii) Community Work

The college admits students to the Two Years B.Ed. Programme of the University of Mumbai. The College provides facilities for training students in the art of teaching students of Higher Secondary Schools with modern teaching methods. The College has acquired reputation of its own in the field of Teacher Education.